When I play The Sims 3 I find I always play the same way. Have abou 12 children in the first generation, try to do everything possible and then get into a muddle sometime during the third generation and move on. So I was looking for a challenge to curb this.  I also downloaded some pretty rainbow skin colours so wanted to use them (usually I play with a bit of a historical theme so coloured skins are something new to me). Then I started reading this awesome legacy story http://twistedcolor.wordpress.com/about/ and thought it was great, I’d read about rainbow legacy challenges where you worked through a rainbow of colours and thought this was one. Then I read a post where the author was doing an heir poll and they mentioned something about the rolls for the next generation. What was this. So I investigated and discovered the random legacy!

Basically with the random legacy you roll to discover the parameters for each generation. Will your sim marry? How many children will they have? What will their job be? And so on. Fantastic, this would solve all my legacy problems!

The official rules are here and I’m adding a few rules of my own to fit in with the story theme that I’m making up as I go along. Here they are so far.


Due to the lack of a central Authority there are no Hospitals until generation red (red cross!). Sims can’t give birth at a hospital or use any interactions/carreers involving the hospital. This includes oppertunities. I can re-roll if I roll for anything using a hospital.


The air is only just recently safe to breathe. For this reason no one has, up to now, seen fit to try to get any form of centralised childcare/school running. The first children that can be sent to school are the children of generation yellow.


The soil s toxic. You can garden in the bio-spheres or in pots in your house but you can’t garden anywhere else nor collect seeds from these places– they’ll be toxic!

That’s it for now, I’ll update if I think of more!


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