6 comments on “Chapter 1.2 Sunshine

    • Yeah, poor cloud, he did take it really hard, didn’t he? Man, I LOVE people commenting on my stories but it sure is hard not to give into temptation and give away spoilers, lol!
      I guess things have to work out well enough for three more children to be born? lol. Isn’t Daisy cute? All I’ve done was change her clothes haven’t even changed her hair. She just sits all day and plays with her imaginary doll all day. She doesn’t even cry when she needs a nappy change or anything, I had to let her needs drop really low to get any crying photos of her.

  1. Oh, Cloud. 😦 I’m glad he’s finally starting to bounce back from it. Glace is a good person. It kind of sucks for her…always being second best in Cloud’s mind. As much as he might grow to love her, she’ll never be Moon.

    • No, Glace will never be Moon. We get to learn a bit more about her when I finally get around to the next chapter. I’m doing a bit of work on my neighbourhood at the moment and I don’t get much time to play the game, but hopefully it shouldn’t be too much longer. I’m really looking forward to the next generation already though, I have it all planned out!

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